Original C. 1862 CIVIL War American Waltham Ps Bartlett Key Wind Pocket Watch

Original C. 1862 CIVIL War American Waltham Ps Bartlett Key Wind Pocket Watch

Original C. 1862 CIVIL War American Waltham Ps Bartlett Key Wind Pocket Watch

This watch is a HIGHLY DESIRABLE and EXTREMELY RARE Robbins & Appleton large and very heavy 18 size mens Coin Silver hunter case that is in amazing condition for its age and carries the very desirable EAGLE HALLMARK. This watch is 100% correct, right down to its dial and heavy coin silver hunters case.

This watch is one of the oldest I have had in my possession. A watch like this should be the cornerstone of any Civil War Buff or Early American collector because of the age, originality, history and the fact that it is one of the earliest grades produced by.

The serial number on the movement is 52065, placing production at October of 1862 this is right near the beginning of the American Civil War! The watch has so many amazing features! The movement is a Model 1857 "full plate" model and is a 7 Jewel check out the size of the cap jewel and the presence of a 3-spoked steel balance! It is a gilded movement with the gilding being in excellent condition. The balance cock also shows spectacular hand engraving which adds to the beauty of this movement.

There are no extra screw marks on this case and the holes in the fancily engraved dust cover are perfectly aligned with the winding and setting sockets so the movement is undoubtedly original to the case. The PS Bartlett Grade watch was one step under that of their Appleton Tracy grade and was, at the time, the official soldier's watch of that era. The case, being a Robbins & Appleton, is of the highest quality and is an original Coin Silver case in worn but very good condition and correct style for the age of the watch.

The external engraving and Eagle Hallmark signifies the presence and pride of American manufacture, and is a very desirable feature to have on these early Civil War timepieces. Check out the photos and you will see the great condition of this case - considering its age, this watch was gently used. This case is just massive and amazing to hold in your hand. The case is nearly 55mm in diameter and weighs a whopping 151 grams!! The case has no dents or dings and the front lid does open just right to 90 degrees. Otherwise what is present is pretty much honest wear from typical use. The outside silver case has some engine turning intact with the front case lid displaying a phenomenal cartouche engraving on it. The front case lid opens when the button is depressed and stays closed when shut. The front case lid lift spring is intact and properly opens the front lid. The rear hinges are firm and all case lids close with virtually no gaps showing which is fantastic for a case of this age.

The case has great offset solid silver hinges and the Original pushpiece is intact and in good order. The unsunk dial is also in Excellent condition with no hairlines or chips ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE FOR THE AGE!! The Glass crystal is also in clear condition with no scratches. The roman numerals are still very clear and in like new condition.

The dial is correctly signed "AMERICAN WATCH COMPANY", which was appropriate for 1862 Bartlett 57' models made at Waltham. This watch is key set and key wind. The watch was cleaned, oiled, and adjusted 1 year ago but due to the age of the watch I do not guarantee any specific accuracy but typically these will hold to better than 5 minutes per day. The hands set very well. The watch comes complete with a steel key that came to me with the watch (not shown in photos).

There is no possible way you could be disappointed with this watch and it would be the pride of your collection. This old masterpiece has history and good looks!

The movement details from the Online Serial Number Database. CASE HAS BEEN LIGHTLY CLEANED FOR HYGENIC SAFETY. FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN SPECIFIC CIVIL WAR DATES, HERE IS SOME INTERESTING READING. Get Images that Make Supersized Seem Small. Attention Sellers - Get Templates Image Hosting, Scheduling at Auctiva.

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Original C. 1862 CIVIL War American Waltham Ps Bartlett Key Wind Pocket Watch