1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique

1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique
1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique

1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique


An Account of the Mound Builders; the American Indians; the Discoveries and Fxplorations of the Norsemen. Spaniards, English and French; the Settlement of the New World ; the Gradual Growth of the Colonies; The French and Indian Wars ; the Struggle of the Revolution ; the Establishment of the American Republic; the Second War with England; the Mexican War; the Long Period of Peace; the History of the Great Civil War; the Reconstruction of the Union ; the Centennial of our Independence; the Assassination and Death of President Garfield ; the Inauguration of President Arthur, and down to the Present Time. AUTHOR OF THE MANUAL OF GENERAL HISTORY, " "PATHWAYS OF THF. HOLY LAND, " "THE GREAT REPUBLIC, " "THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WORLD, ETC.

EMBELLISHED WITH OVER 500 FINE HISTORICAL ENGRAVINGS AND PORTRAITS. Issued by subscription only, and not for sale in the book stores. Residents of any State desiring a copy should address the Publishers, and an Agent will call upon them. PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO. PHILADELPHIA, PA , CHICAGO, ILL, ST.

1876 FIRST EDITION 1120 PAGES. WITH OVER 500 BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS THE BOOK IS COMPLETE CLEAN AND IN VERY GOOD CONDITION... Discovery of the North American Continent by John Cabot Voyages of Sebastian Cabot The English fail to follow up these Discoveries Efforts of the French to explore America Voyage and Discoveries of Verfazzani Cartier explores the St Lawrence Reaches Montreal Efforts to found a Colony on the St.

Lawrence- Failure Roberval's Colony Trading Voyages Explorations of Champlain Colonization of Nova Scotia Founding of Quebec Discovery of Lake Champlain Arrival of the Jesuits in Canada Death of Champlain.............................. Settlement of the West Indies Discovery of the Pacific Ocean Voyage of Magellan Discovery of Florida Ponce de Leon's Search for the Fountain of Youth Vazquez de Ayllon Kidnaps a Cargo of Indians Effort of Paraphilo de Narvaez to Conquer Florida A Terrible March The Voyage on the Gulf of Mexico Fate of the Fleet Escape of Cabeza de Vaca and his Comrades Discovery of New Mexico Ferdinand de Soto Obtains leave to Conquer Florida Sails from Spain Arrival in Cuba Departure for Florida Landing at Tampa Bay Events o f the first Year De Soto enters Georgia Descends the Alabama Battle of Mavilla Destruction of Chickasaw Sufferings of the Spaniards Discovery of the Mississippi The Spaniards Cross the Great River De Soto in Arkansas Reaches the Missi:-- sippi again Sickness and Death of De Soto His Burial Escape of his Followers to Mexico The Huguenot Colony in Carolina Its Failure The French Settle in Florida Wrath of Philip II. Melendez ordered to Exterminate the Huguenots- Foundation of St. Augustine Massacre of the French at Fort Carolina The Ven- geance of De Gourges. The English Claim to America Voyages of Frobisher Exploits of Sir Francis Drake Sir Humphrey Gilbert Intends to found a Colony in America Is lost at Sea Sir Walter Raleigh obtains a Patent of Colonization Discoveries of Amidas and Barlow Raleigh sends out a Colony to Virginia Settlement on Roanoke Island Its Failure Arrival of Grenville Second Effort of Raleigh to Colonize V'rginia Roanoke Island again Settled The "City of Raleigh" Vir- ginia Dare Fate of the Colony Death of Raleigh Other Voyages of the English.......

PROGRESS OF THE VIRGINIA COLONY. Introduction of Negro Slavery into Virginia Efforts of the Assembly to Restrict Shivery The Indians Attempt the Destruction of the Colony Terrible Sufferings of the Whites Aid from England The Indian War Begun King James Revokes the Charter of the London Company Charles I. Desires a Monopoly of the Tubacco Trade Action of the Assembly Sir William Berkeley's First Adminis- tration Severe Measures against Dissenters Close of the Indian War Death of Opechancanough Emigration of Royalists to Virginia Virginia and the Common- wealth Treaty vrith England The Assembly Asserts its Independence of the Governor The Restoration Berkeley Chosen Governor by the Assembly His Hypocrisy..................... Characteristics of the Virginians Causes of the Success of the Royalists Growth of the Aristocratic Class Berkeley decides against the People The Aristocratic Assembly Claims the Right to sit Perpetually Deprives the Common People of their Liberties Revival of the Navigation Act by Charles II.

The King bestows Virginia as a Gift upon his Favorites Protests of the Assembly Growing Hostility of the Virginians to the Colonial Government The Indian War The Governor Refuses to allow the Colonists to Defend themselves Nathaniel Bacon He Marches against the Indians Rebellion of the People against Berkeley and the Assembly The Convention Repeal of the Obnoxious Laws Berkeley's Duplicity The People take up Arms Flight of Berkeley Destruction of Jamestown Death of Bacon Causes of the Failure of the Rebellion Berkeley's Triumph Execution of the Patriot Leaders Berkeley's Course Condemned by the King Death of Berkeley The Unjust Laws Re-enacted Lord Culpepper Governor His Extortions James II. And Virginia Effects upon Virginia of the Revolution of 1688 William and Mary College Founded.........................

Extent of the Territory of Virginia Clayborne'a Trading-Posts established Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore Becomes interested in American Colonization- Obtains a Grant of Maryland Terms of the Charter A Colony sent out Arrival in the Chesapeake St. Mary's Founded Character of the Colony Friendly Rela- tions established with the Indians First Legislature of Maryland Trouble with Clayborne Rapid Growth of the Colony Progress of Popular Liberty Policy respecting the Treatment of the Indians Clay home's Rebellion Law granting Religious Toleration enacted Condition of Maryland under the Commonwealth The People declared Supreme Lord Baltimore recovers his Proprietary Rights Characteristics cf the Colony Ripid Increase in Population Charles Calvert, Governor Death of t' l ie second Lord Baltimore Roman Catholics disfranchised Maryland becomes a Royal Province Triumph of the Protestants Annapolis made the Seat of Government Restoration of the Proprietary Government Con- tinued Prosperity of Maryland..................................

Rise of the Puritans Their Increase in England They are Persecuted by the English Church and Government Conduct of James I. SETTLEMENT OF MASSACHUSETTS AND RHODE ISLAND. Settlement of New Hampshire The English Puritans determine to form a new Colony in America The Plymouth Council A Colony sent out to Salem under Endicott Colonization of Massachusetts Bay begun A Charter obtained Conces- sions of the King Progress of the Salem Colony The Charter and Government of the Colony removed to New England Arrival of Governor Winthrop Settle- ment of Boston Sufferings of the Colonists Roger Williams His Opinions give offence to the Authorities The Success of the Bay Colony established Growth oi Popular Liberty The Ballot Box Banishment of Roger Williams, He goes into the Wilderness Founds Providence Growth of Williams's Colony Continued growth of Massachusetts Arrival of Sir Henry Vane Is elected Governor Mrs. Anne Hutch inson The Antinomian Controversy Mrs. Hutchinson banished s Settlement of Rhode Island Murder of Mrs. The Dutch Claim the Connecticut Valley They build a Fort at Hartford Winslow makes a Lodgment in Connecticut for the English Withdrawal of the Dutch The First Efforts of the English to Settle Connecticut Emigration of Hooker and his Congregation They Settle at Hartford Winthrop builds a Fort at Saybrooke Hostility of the Indians Visit of Roger Williams to Miantonomoh A Brave Deed The Pequod War Capture of the Indian Fort Destruction of the Pequod Tribe Effect of this War upon the other Tribes Connecticut Adopts a institution Its Peculiar Features Settlement of New Haven....................... THE UNION OF THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES. Feeling of the Colonies towards England Hostility of the English Government to New England Efforts to Introduce Episcopacy Massachusetts Threatens Resist- ance The Revolution in England Establishment of Free Schools in New Eng- landHarvard College The Printing Press The Long Parliament Friendly to New England The United Colonies of New England Rhode Island obtains a Charter. Maine Annexed to Massachusetts The Quakers are Persecuted Efforts to Christianize the Indians John Eliot, the Apostle to the Indians................... NEW ENGLAND AFTER THE RESTORATION.

Arrival of the News of the Restoration of Charles II. Revokes the Charter of Massachusetts Dudley and Randolph in New England Androa appointed Governor-General His Tyranny He demands the Charter of Connecticut It is carried away and Hidden The Charter Oak Fall of James II. The people of Massachusetts take up Arms Andros arrested Effects of the Revolution upon New England................................ Lesults of the Failure of Massachusetts to Resume her Charter The New Charter Loss of the Liberties of the Colony Union of Plymouth with Massachusetts Bay Belief in Witchcraft The History of Witchcraft in Massachusetts The Case of the Goodwin Children Cotton Mather espouses the Cause of the Witches ^Samuel Parris -He Originates the 8alem Delusion A Strange History- A Special Court Appointed for the Trial of the Witches The Victims Execution of the Rev.

George Burroughs Cotton Mather's Part in the Tragedies The General Court takes Action in behalf of the People End of the Persecution Failure of Cotton Mather's Attempt to Save his Credit....................... THE SETTLEMENT OF NEW YOKK. Voyages of Heiry Hudson He is Employed by the Dutch Discovery of the Hud- son River Karly Dutch Voyages Adrian Block Fate of Hudson The Dutch build a Fort on Manhattan Island Settlement of New Amsterdam The Province named New Netherlands Fort Nassau Peter Minims Governor The Dutch Set- tlement of Delaware Wouter Van Tvviller Kieft Governor His Unjust Treat- ment of the Indians Massacre of the Indians at lloboken The Indian War Stuy- vesant Appointed Governor Disputes with the English in Connecticut The Swede Settle Delaware Stuyvesant Captures the Swedish Forts Growth of New Amster- dam Disputes between the People and Governor Growing Spirit of Popular Lib- erty The People Appeal to the States General Capture of New Netherlands by the English The Name of the Province changed to New York Results of the English Conquest Progress of New Jersey Andros Governor of New York He Fails to Establish his Authority over Connecticut New York allowed an Assem- bly Discontent of the People Leister's Rebellion Execution cf Leisler and Milbourne Fletcher Govern ir His Attempt to obtain Command of the Connect- icut Militia Episcopacy Established in New York The Freedom of the Press Sustained New Jersey a Royal Province............................ Conditions of his Charter Sends out a Colony Arrival of Penn in America Philadelphia Pounded Penn's Treaty with the Indians Religious Toleration Guaranteed Penn's Relations with his Colonists Rapid Growth of Pennsylvania in Popula- tion and Prosperity William Penn and James II. Renewal of Penn's Troubles William III. Declares Pennsylvania a Royal Province Penn is Vindicated and Restored to his Proprietary Rights His Return to Pennsylvania- -Character of the Settlers of the Province Penn Goes Back to England Efforts to deprive him of his Possessions His Death........................

Gradual Settlement of North Carolina from Virginia Charles II. Grants Carolina to Clarendon and others The "Grand Model" An Ideal Aristocracy Proposed for Carolina The Authority of the Proprietaries Established in North Carolina- Continued Settlement of that Region Characteristics of the Early Settlers of North Carolina The People Reject the Grand Model Hostility of England to the Colonial Commerce Insurrection in North Carolina Slothel Governor Settle- ment of South Carolina Charleston Founded The Proprietary Constitutions Rejected by South Carolina Rapid Growth of the Colony Introduction of Slavery Characteristics of the Early Settlers of South Carolina Efforts of Enforce the Navigation Acts Resistance of the People The Proprietaries Abandon their Con- stitutions Archdale's Reforms Religious Intolerance Establishment of the Church of England in South Carolina Action of the Crown Continued Pros- perity of South Carolina Governor Moore Attacks St. Augustine Failure of the Effort The Spaniards are Repulsed in an Attempt to Capture Charleston Indian War in North Carolina The Tuscaroras Driven Northward War with the Yem- massees Destruction of their Power Separation of the Carolinas..................

General James Edward Oglethorpe His Efforts to Reform Prison Discipline of Eng- land Proposes to Found a Colony in America for the Poor and for Prisoners for Debt A Charter Obtained from the King Colonization of Georgia Savannah Settled First Years of the Colony Labors of Oglethorpe Arrival of New Emi- grants Augusta Founded The Moravian Settlements The Wesleys in America George \Vhitefield War between England and Spain Ogle horpe Invades Florida Failure of the Attack upon St. Augustine The Spaniards Invade Georgia Ogle- thorpe's Stratagem Its Success Battle of "Bloody Marsh"- Close of the War Charges against Oglethorpe His Vindication His Return to Europe Changes in the Colonial Government Introduction of Slavery into Georgia Prosperity of the Colony...................... THE FRENCH IN THE VALLEY OF THE MISSISSIPPI. Origin of the Hostility of the Iroquois to the French Settlement of Canada Plans of the French respecting the Indians The Jesuits Their Work in America Success of their Missions The Early Missionaries Foundation of a College at Quebec Efforts of the Jesuits to Convert the Iroquois Father Jogues Death of Ahasistari Father Alloiiez The Missions on the Upper Lakes Father Marquette His Exploration of the Upper Mississippi Death of Marquette La Salle Efforts of France to Secure the Valley of the Mississippi La Salle Descends the Mississippi to its Mouth His Effort to Colonize the Lower Mississippi The First Colony in Texas Its Failure Death of La Salle Lemoine d'Ibberville Settle- ment of Louisiana Colony of Biloxi Settlement of Mobile Crozat's Monopoly Founding of New Orleans Detroit Founded Slow Growth of the French Colo- nies Occupation of the Ohio Valley by the French Wars with the Indians Ex- termination of the Natchez Tribe War with the Chickasaws.................... THE ENGLISH AND FRENCH COME IN CONFLICT.

Relations between the English and the Five Nations The Hostility of the Latter to the French King William's War Destruction of Dover The Jesuit Missionaries incite the Indians to attack the English Expedition against Quebec Attack on Dustin's Farm Peace of Ryswick Hostility of the English to Roman Catholics Queen Anne's War Burning of Deerfield Eunice Williams Cruelties of the French Effort of New England to Conquer Acadia. Capture of Port Royal Failure of the Expedition against Quebec King George's War Expedition against Louisburg Ita Composition Arrival of the Fleet at Cape Breton Good Conduct of the Provincials Capture of Louisburg Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle unjust Treatment of the Colonies by England Sentiment of the Americana toward England....................................... THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR. England Claims the Valley of the Ohio Organization of the Ohio Company The French extend their Posts into the Ohio Country Washington's Mission to the French at Fort Duquesne His Journey Reception by the French His Journey Home A Perilous Undertaking Organization of the Virginia Forces Washing- ton made Second in Command The French Drive the English from the Head of the Ohio Fort Duquesne Built by them Washington Crosses the Mountains The Fight at Great Meadows Beginning of the French and Indian War Sur- render of Fort Necessity to the French Unjust Treatment of the Colonial Officers Congress of the Colonies at New York Franklin's Plan of a Union of the Colo- niesIts Failure Keasons of the British Government for Rejecting it England assumes the Direction of the War Arrival of General Braddock Plan of Cam- paignObstinacy of Braddock He Passes the Mountains Defeat of Braddock Heroism of Washington Retreat of Dunbar beyond the Mountains Vigorous action of Pennsylvania Armstrong defeats the Indians and burns the town of Kittanning.....................................

THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR CONTINUED. Expedition against Acadia Brutal Treatment of the Acadians They are Expelled from their Country A Sad Story Fate of the Acadians Johnson at Lake George March of Dieskau Battle of Lake George Failure of Shirley's Expedition Arrival of the Earl of Loudon Montcalm in Canada Capture of Oswego by the French Outrages of the Earl of Loudon upon New York and Philadelphia Ex- pedition against Louisburg How the Earl of Loudon Beat the French Capture of Fort William Henry by Montcalm Massacre of the Prisoners by the Indians Efforts of Montcalm to save them The Royal Officers attempt to cover their Fail- ures by outraging the Colonies........................ THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR CONCLUDED.

A Chang-'cr the Better William Pitt Prime Minister Vigorous Measures Adopted Recall of the Earl of Loudon Capture of Louisburg Abercrombie on Lake Georye Advances against Ticonderoga Death of Lord Howe Failure of the English attack upon Ticonderoga Disgraceful conduct of Abercrombie His Retreat. Capture of Fort Frontenac Advance of General Forbes Grant's Defeat The Virginians again save the Regulars Capture of Fort Duquesne Washington retires from the Army Ticonderoga and Crown Point occupied by the English Capture of Fort Niagara The Expedition against Quebec Failure of the first Opera- tions Despondency of Wolfe He Discovers a Landing-place The Army scales the Heights of Abraham Montcalm's Surprise Battle of the Plains of Abraham Death of Wolfe Defeat of the French Death of Montcalm Surrender of Quebec Capture of Montreal Treaty of Paris Canada ceded to England France loses all her American Possessions The Cherokee War Hostility of the Indians to the English Pontiac's War Death of Pontiac Bouquet relieves Fort Duquesne Results of the War...................................

CAUSES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Gage fortifies Boston Neck He summons the General Court Recalls his Proclama- tion The Provincial Congress of Massachusetts It takes Measures for Defence Tiie Militia Organized The- Minute Men Friends of America in England Gage resolves to seize the Scores at Concord Midnight March of the British Troops The Alarm given Skirmishes at Lexington and Concord Retreat of the British A terrible March Uprising of New England Boston Invested Dunmore seizes the Virginia Powder Is mado to pay for it Uprising of the Middle and Southern Colonies The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence Capture of Ticonderoga and Crown Point Meeting of the Second Continental Congress Congress resolves , to sustain Massachusetts Renewed Efforts for Peace Congress assumes the General Government of the Colonies A Federal Union Organized Its Character A Con- : tinental Army formed George Washington appointed Commander-in-chief Gen- eral Officers appointed Condition of the Army before Boston Inaction of Gage Battle of Breed's Hill A glorious Defence The Battle equivalent to a Victory in its effects upon the Country Arrival of Washington at Cambridge He takes Com- mand of the Army He reorganizes the Army Difficulties bf the undertaking The Invasion of Canada resolved upon March of Montgomery and Arnold Rapid Succenet of Monlgomery He capture Montreal March of Arnold through the Wilderne Arrival l>rforr Jiu-lH-c Forms a Junction with Montgomery The Siege i.

Steel Portrait of George Washington Frontispiece 2. The Declaration of Independence 3. Front View of the Capitol at Washington, D. Signatures of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence 5. Memorial Hall or Art Gallery International Centennial Exhibition 6.

Main Building of the International Exhibition 7. The United States Treasury, Washington, D. The new Department of State, Washington, D. Signing the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress, July 4th, 1776 10. Birdseye View of New York City 11.

Indian Village in Winter 35 12. Pueblo Indian at Prayer 38 14. Converted Indian Woman 39 15. A Dead Town of the Moquis Indians 40 16. Indian of the Plains 41 17.

Group of Indians of New Mexico 43 18. Lower Falls of the Yellowstone, Wyoming (350 feet in height) 44 19.

Bronze Door commemorating the Deeds of Christopher Columbus 49 21. The Landing of Columbus 51 22.

General View of the Yosemite Valley, California 58 23. Bridal Veil Fall, Yosemite Valley 59 24. Sentinel Rock, Yosemite Valley 61 25. First Winter of the French in Canada 64 26. Rock Pinnacles above Tower Falls, Yellowstone River 66 27.

The Coast of Florida 69'29. Spanish Exploring Party Discovering New Mexico 73 31. The Spaniards exploring the Valley of the Colorado 74 32. Ferdinand de Soto 75 33. Natchez in 1875 79 34.

The Spaniards descending the Mississippi after the Death of De Soto 80 35. Sir Walter Raleigh 87 36. The Coast of North Carolina. Coat of Arms of Virginia, 95 38.

Captain John Smith 98 39. Pocahontas rescuing Captain Smith 100 40.

Building of Jamestown 104 42. Wife of a Chief 107 43. Destruction of the Virginia Settlements by the Indians 123 44. Ruined Church Tower on the Site of Jamestown 130 45.

Coat of Arms of Maryland 137 46. Missionary Preaching to the Indians 139 48. A Converted Indian 141 49. The " Mayflower" in Plymouth Harbor 154 50. Landing of the Pilgrims 158 51. The first Church in New England 160 52.

A New England Homestead 165 53. Coat of Arms of Massachusetts. A primitive New England Village 168 55.

Coat of Arms of Rhode Island 175 57. Landing of Roger Williams at Providence 176 58. Coat of Arms of Connecticut 181 59. Valley of the Connecticut 187 61. An American Free School 191 63.

Attack upon Brookfield by the Indians 207 66. Coat of Arms of New Hampshire 210 67. Wadsworth hiding the Charter 212 68. The Charter Oak 213 69.

Coat of Arms of New York 229 70. First Settlement cf New York'. Coat of Arms of Delaware 233 72.

The Battery and Castle Garden, New York, in 1875 242 73. The City Hall Park, New York, in 1875 243 74. Coat of Arms of New Jersey 244 75. Broadway, New York, in 1875 246 76. Nassau Street, New York, in 1875 251 77.

The Post Office, New York, in 1875 253 78. Coat of Arms of Pennsylvania 256 79. Perm's Treaty with the Indians 261 81. Penn laying out the Plan of Philadelphia 262 82. Settlement of Philadelphia 263 83. Penn's Treaty Monument 264 84. Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, in 1875 265 85. University of Pennsylvania 266 86. Masonic Temple, Philadelphia, in 1875 268 87.

Coat of Arms of North Carolina 271 88. A Settler's Cabin 275 89.

Coat of Arms of South Carolina 276 90. Attack of the Spaniards on Charleston in 1706 282 91. Torture of Lawson by Tuscaroras 283 92.

Coat of Arms of Georgia 287 93. The Great Canon and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone............ Deluth, at the head of Lake Superior...........................

Return of the Daughter of Eunice Williams to the Indians................... The Bronze Door in the National Capitol commemorating the Events of the Life of George Washington...............................................

The Washington Statue in Union Square, New York........................ Washington's Journey to the Ohio........................................

Washington and Gist crossing the Alleghany............................... Retreat of Braddock'a Army................ Burning of Kittanning by General Armstrong............................. Site of Fort William Henry on Lake George.............................. Wolfe's Attack on Louisburg......................................

Abercrombie's Expedition on Lake George......................... Death of General Wolfe before Quebec.................................... Stamp Act Official beaten by the People....................................

Destruction of Tea in Boston Harbor. Harbor of New York in 1875............................................. The Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775................................... British Troops on Concord Common....................................... The Fight at Concord Bridge.............................................

Retreat of the British from Lexington..................................... Capture of Ticonderoga by Allen.......................... Independence Hall in 1776 431 143. General Israel Putnam 435 145. Bunker Hill Monument 437 146.

Battle of Bunker Hill 441 147. Arnold's March to Quebec 445 148.

General Richard Montgomery' 446 149. General Henry Knox 451 150.

Siege of Boston 452 151. Washington watching the British evacuate Boston , 453 152.

Medal struck by Congress in Honor of the Recapture of Boston 455 153. Attack on Fort Moultrie 457 154. Sergeant Jasper at Fort Moultrie 458 155. Independence Hall, Philadelphia, in 1875 460 156.

Interior of Independence Hall 461 157. View in the Grand Canon of the Colorado river 463 158. Old Bell of Independence Hall 464 159. Declaration of Independence proclaimed in Philadelphia 465 160.

General John Sullivan 470 161. The Retreat from Long Island 471 162.

Retreat of Washington across New Jersey 475 163. General Charles Lee 476 164. Washington Crossing the Delaware 480 165. Battle of Trenton 481 166.

College of New Jersey, at Princeton 484 167. Battle of Princeton 485 168. United States Navy Yard, Brooklyn 488 169. General Philip Schuyler 491 170.

Lafayette offering his Services to Dr. Scene on the Wissahickon 495 173. Battle of the Brandywine 496 174. The Sclmylkill, at Philadelphia 497 175.

The Battle of Germantown Chew's House. Attack on Red Bank 500 177.

Albany, New York, in 1875 501 178. Siege of Fort Schuyler 503 179. Bnrgoyne's Encampment on the Hudson 504 180. General John Stark 505 181. Battle of Bennington 506 182.

General Horatio Gates 508 183. Burgoyne's Retreat' 510 1 84. Surrender of Burgone 511 185. Sufferings of the Troops at Valley Forge 514 186. Sir Henry Clinton 520 187. Surrender of Savannah 524 188. General Benjamin Lincoln 526 189. General Anthony Wayne 528 190. Storming of Stony Point 529 191.

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Lee 530 192. John Paul Jones 530 193. Coat of Arms of Kentucky 531 194. General George Rogers Clarke, 533 196. Coat of Arms of Tennessee 535 198.

Charleston, Soutli Carolina, in 1876 537 199. General Francis Marion 541 200. Battle of King's Mountain 542 201. Capture of Major Andre 548 205.

West Point in 1875 549 206. General Daniel Morgan 553 208. Scene in the Highlands of the Hudson 560 21 1. Burning of New London, Connecticut, by Arnold 562 212. Lafayette storming the Redoubt at Yorktown 563 213. Surrender of Cornwallis 564 214. The Bowery, New York, in 1875 567 215.

Washington resigning his Commission 568 216. Great Seal of the United States 572 217. Washington receiving the Intelligence of his Election , 573 218. Battle of the Maumee 576 220. Coat of Arms of Vermont 580 221.

Boston in 1875 86 224. The Susquehanna above Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 588 225. The White House, Washington City 590 227. Coat of Arms of Ohio... A New Jersey Fruit Farm 597 230. Falls of the Genesee, at Rochester, New York 602 232. Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio 603 233. Oswego, Nr-w York, in 1875 606 234. Coat of Arms of Louisiana 607 235. Canon of the Lodore and Greene Rivers, Wyoming Territory 608 236. Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 611 237. Defence of Fort Stephenson 618 241. Death of Tecumseh 619 242.

Attack upon Sackett's Harbor 621 244. General Winfield Scott in 1814 623 246. Battle of Lundy's Lane 627 247. Siege of Fort Erie 628 248.

Scene of the Battle of Lake Champlain 629 249. Macdonough's Victory on Lake Champlain 630 250. View on the Greene River at the Crossing of the Union Pacific Railroad 632 251.

The General Post-office, Washington City 634 252. Baltimore, erected in Memory of those who fell at North Point.

The Plain of Chalmette Scene of the Battle of New Orleans 638 255. Rattle of New Orleans 640 256. The " Hornet " and the " Penguin " 642 257. Coat of Arms of Indiana. Coat of Arms of Mississippi.

Coat of Arms of Illinois...... Coat of Arms of Alabama. Coat of Arms of Maine 649 264. Coat of Arms of Missouri. State House at Raleigh, North Carolina 662 270. State House, Concord, New Hampshire 663 271. Scene in the Mammoth -Jave, Kentucky.

General Atkinson's Defeat of Black Hawk 665 273. Great Fire in New York 670 276. Coat of Arms of Arkansas..... Coat of Arms of Michigan 672 278. Martin Van Buren 672 279.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1875 673 280. Rafting Lumber in Maine 677 282. Battle of Okeechobee 678 283. William Henry Harrison 681 284. Old Fort Bentnn, Montana 689.

Fort Alamo San Antonio, Texas. Coat of Arms of Texas 682 201. Coat of Arms of Iowa 694 292. Coat of Arms of Florida 694 293.

Portland, Oregon, in 1875 From east side of Willamette 697 295. Street in Olympia, Washington Territory 698 296. Battle of Palo Alto 701 297. Death of Major Ringgold , 702 246. The Plain of Chalmette Scene of the Battle of New Orleans 639 255.

Coat of Arms of Arkansas... Death of Major Ringgold , 702 298. Defeat of the Mexican Eight Wing at Buena Vista.......................... General Taylor tlianking Captain Bragg at Buena Vista. Point Arena Lighthouse Coast of California.

East Side of Plaza Santa F&............................................ Doniphan making a Treaty with the Navajoefl..............................

" The Journey of Death " Crossed by Doniphan's Command.............. The Emigrant' Camp on the Plains en route to California................... Coat of Arms of Wisconsin............................................... Birdseye View of San Francisco..........................................

Coat of Arms of California............................................... The People of Lawrence determined to resist.................. Mormon Tabernacfe : Endowment House in the Distance....................

Salt Lake City (from the north)........................................... Brigham Young's Residences, Salt Lake City............................... Coat of Arms of Minnesota...............................................

Coat of Arms of Oregon.................................................. Coat of Arms of Kansas.................................................. Capitol at Montgomery, Alabama, Place of Meetingof the first Confederate Congress 776 333. Arrival of President Lincoln at the Capitol................................. Coat of Arms of West Virginia............................. The Landing at Mobile, Alabama. Surrender of General Lee - 859 414. Monument to Abraham Lincoln in Fnirmount Park, Philadelphia. Interview between Generals Sherman and Johnsion 863 418. City Hall, Portland, Maine 867 421.

Chestnut Street Bridge over the Schuylkill, Philadelphia. The Patent Office, Washington City 872 423.

Lake Street, Chicago 873 424. President Grant leaving the White House to be inaugurated 881 427. Cheyennes reconnoitring the first Train on the Pacific Railroad 882 428. The Bureau of Agriculture, Washington, D.

The Burning of Chicago 887 430. President Grant passing through the Rotunda to take the Oath of Office 891 432. The Lava Beds 893 433.

Coat of Arms of Colorado - 897 436. Opening Ceremonies International Centennial Exhibition 898 437. View of the Intersection of Ninth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia 905 438. Scene on the Hudson River in 1875 439. View on the Colorado River 441.

Bird's-eye View of the Centennial Buildings, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Railroad, Opposite Machinery Hall 443. Transcontinental Hotel, Opposite Main Building 446. The Globe Hotel, Opposite Entrance to the Main Building 447. The Total Abstinence Centennial Fountain 449.

The United States Hotel, Near the Main Exhibition Building 450. View of the Schuylkill from Laurel Hill, showing the Falls Bridge 452.

The Book Trade Exhibit 455. New York Sute Building 457. Studio of the National Photographic Company 458. New Jewey State Building 459.

Interior of the Main Building. Eastern Entrance to the Swedish Court 462. Entrance to the Spanish Court 463.

Entrance to the Egyptian Court. Entrance to the Brazilian Court 465 The Spanish Building 466 The Carriage Building 467. Interior of a Parlor Car Exhibited in the Carriage Building , 468. Machinery Hall, International Exhibition 469. The Corliss Engine in Machinery Hall 470.

Agricultural Building International Exhibition 471. Interior of Agricultural Hall 472. The Wisconsin State Building 473. Horticultural Hall International Exhibition 474. Stairway in Horticultural Hall 475.

The Forcing-House, Horticultural Hall 476. Eagle used in Ornamentation of Memorial Hall : 477. Italian Statuary in the Annex to the Art Gallery 478. United States Government Building 480.

Main Entrance to the Exhibition Grounds 481. The Grangers' Centennial Encampment 482. Post Hospital of the United States Army 483. Cook's World's Ticket Offices, Centennial Grounds 485.

Colorado and Kansas State Building 488. Building of the German Empire 491. Swedish School-House 492 The Japanese Dwelling 493. Restaurant of the Trois Freres Provenqeaux 494.

Judges' Hall International Exhibition 496. Building of the Department of Public Comfort 498. The Singer Sewing Machine Building 499.

The American Newspaper Building 500. Building of the Campbell Press Company 501. View in the Main Exhibition Building, showing the Spanish, Egyptian and Danish Courts 502. View in Agricultural Hall, showing the Brazilian Exhibits 503. Scene in Agricultural Hall, showing the Tobacco Exhibit.

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1877 U. S. American History Indian Wars CIVIL War Revolution Illustrated Antique